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Churches register growth in offerings

40 Percent of Pastors Say Church Offerings Are Going Up: Survey. Courtesy photo.

“The economy isn’t troubling us” – About 40 percent of pastors say their churches received more offerings in 2017 than in 2016, according to a new report by LifeWay Research.

The survey conducted Aug. 30 to Sept. 18, 2017 also reveals that three-quarters of Pastors say their churches met or exceeded their budget.

And only about a third say the economy gave their church trouble.

All this is in a report from the Nashville-based group, conducted among 1,000 Protestant senior pastors.

LifeWay Research has tracked the impact of the economy on churches since 2009, said Scott McConnell, the executive director, and this is the first time the majority of pastors said the economy isn’t troubling their church.

“The past decade has been difficult for many church budgets,” said McConnell. “But things seem to be looking up.”

Growing criticism no Church collection

Although the above findings by LifeWay Research showcased USA, there are probable indicators that Uganda Churches have had either an upward or downward trend in offerings.

This can be drawn from those that issue healthy annual reports publicly among other facts. Notably, Church collection has met criticism as a set of legislatures continue to express interest in having the institutions pay government tax.

In 2017, Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Rev Fr Simon Lokodo speaking during a consultative meeting at the Inter-religious council of Uganda (IRCU) offices, Mengo – Kampala,  said that government is drafting a new policy to streamline religions organisations.

In this, he noted that some of the churches collecting 100m at every service, when there are no clear plans as to what the money is going to be used for need to start paying taxes.

“It shames me to say, but they need to start paying taxes. All churches have to be co-ordinated. they have to work in tandem and have a sort of structure and solid stewardship and belong to something big.” Lokodo said.

Francis Kamulegeya, a tax partner with Price waterhouseCoopers Limited Kampala debated the matter saying most churches in Uganda are registered as non profit making charitable and religious institutions and therefore not subject to tax on their income.

By Paul W Dennis.

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