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Church ready to reach Buvuma, Kkoome Islanders with the gospel

Boats of the remote Miyende landing site on Koome island. Courtesy Photo.

Christian leaders have determined to reach out to residents in Buvuma island and Kkoome in Mukono district with the gospel “more effectively.”

While launching a 2018 project that will focus on preaching the gospel across the municipality, Bishop of Mukono diocese, Rt. Rev. William James Ssebaggala said lay leaders in Buvuma and Kkome are to receive a water engine and boat, motorcycles and bicycles to easy their evangelical missions in the region.

Koome is the largest island in the northeastern group – made up of 16 smaller islands and is located in Lake Victoria. The 75-acre island has a population of over six thousand inhabitants who largely depend on fishing. On the other hand Buvuma has a population of around 20,000. One third of the population is Muslim, according to sources.

“Although we want to preach to the Islanders, I noticed that the main challenge there is transport. I, therefore, decided to ease the work for my team with new motorcycles and bicycles,” he said at a function held at Bishop West Primary School in Mukono.

These celebrations were part of the 33rd anniversary of the diocese.

Rt. Rev. Ssebaggala handed out 50 bicycles worth sh12.5m and the two priests of the diocese received two motorcycles worth sh10m.  He also urged the Bible Society of Uganda to back up their missions on the islands.

He was also quick to relate Koome Island to George Pilkington (died 1897, buried at Namirembe cathedral),  a Church Missionary Society (CMS) lay missionary in Uganda who left for Koome Island for a religious retreat. There, he claimed in his journal, he had a vision and was baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Rt. Rev. Ssebaggala said Pilkington lived at this island while translating the Bible into Luganda.

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