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Church leaders ask Journalists to uphold professionalism

Leonard Serwada, the Pentecostal bishop South Buganda has said social media has become a threat to the Journalism profession. Photo: Moses Muwulya.

By Moses Muwulya

Masaka – Rev Amos Friday, the Vicar All saints Church Nyendo, in Masaka District has requested journalists in greater Masaka to uphold professionalism, regardless of the challenges they are going through which could undermine their integrity.

Rev.Amos who represented Canon Enock Muwanguzi, the West Buganda Diocese Media coordinator told journalist who celebrated World Press freedom day, that journalism is their calling and they need to do it diligently regardless of the enormous challenges they face.

“As priests, we rely heavily on what you write and use it as reference while preaching. This means that when you lose professionalism and publish false news, you will be definitely misleading us.” Rev Amos said in a discussion that gathered all journalists in greater Masaka.

He explained: “We have to account for our different callings and you should know you as journalists, this is your calling which you will have to account for at the judgement day.”

“God will ask you what you did in the professionalism that He called you to do,” he added.

He told the fourth estate members that it’s thus high time they did their work bravely putting aside the challenges.

His remarks followed submissions from journalists that the meager pay from their media houses tend to see their integrity compromised, but Rev Amos maintained that this should not deter them from doing the truth.

Rev Amos Friday (in blue) and Bishop Leonard. Photo: Moses Muwulya.

On the other hand, Leonard Serwada, the Pentecostal bishop South Buganda, requested journalists to think hard saying; social media has become a threat to their profession.

“You have to write stories in a different way because social media reports them and thus won’t be news any more.”

“Think about yourselves in the next 10 years and judge. We need stories which can not be told by social media,” he noted.

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