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Christ’s Heart Ministries gears up for a Mass wedding

Several Christian couples are set to be joined into holy matrimony during Christ’s Heart Ministries International Mass Wedding, the first-of-its-kind since the ministry started.

An official from the Church told UG Christian News the Mass Wedding is an opportunity for cohabiting couples, with or without Children, to sanctify their union before God.

Christ’s Heart Ministries last week made a call to unmarried couples to embrace the event, citing economic and social reasons, such as a reduction in costs for a venue, officiants, food as well as decorations.

“According to the laws governing marriage, this is an opportunity for people to legalise their marriages –  even those who got married in unlicensed churches. This mass wedding is an opportunity to have their marriages registered legally,” the official told this reporter.

The ministry says a good marriage is not necessarily a product of extravagance.

“We call upon all those people who are adults (above) 18 years and they want to get married without spending a lot of money on wedding to come and make their dream come true

“They can use the money to instead buy land and build their own house or even start up a family business. We are also calling upon neighbouring churches who have not yet acquired licences to join us have their members legally married,” the official added.

This Mass Wedding is expected to take place on the 08th September 2018 and Deadline for registration is Saturday 25th, August

To register one can +256 (0) 704-410075 or go to any Christ’s Heart Church branch.

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