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Christians react to Rema’s emotional cover of ‘Oli Katonda’

Rema Namakula sings Justine Naboosa’s ‘Oli Katonda’ during the ‘Banyabo Concert’ last Friday. Courtesy photo.

Social media was over the weekend left buzzing after well-know female recording artist, Rema Namakula took to the stage during her sold out ‘Banyabo concert’ to sing a worship song that has moved hearts and reached the depths of many lives across Uganda.

No one saw it coming, but by the time she was done, multitudes were stunned by her soul-stirring emotional performance of ‘Oli Katonda’ that purportedly ‘took some at Church’.

The 26-year-old creative powerhouse is typically unreticent about showcasing the skills that made her a household name in the country right from high school.

Rema who professes the Islamic faith transformed her live audience into a choir before the night was through.

Some christians while reacting to the unexpected performance said, “She came from far. Let her adore God.”

Atuhaire Shivan said, “It was awesome. Thanks be to God a Muslim singing such a song.”

Gospel musician Bigray Isaac said, “Everyone, lets pray for Rema Namakula to get saved! This voice should be worshiping the most high God. In her concert she sang “oli katonda” by Justine NabBosa, she feels and recognizes that all her success its been God.”

Suzan Namataka said, “Lord you are the one changed Saul to be Paul so I still believe you can change Rema to Reinah or Renah. Wonderful.”

After watching the cover online, Angel Kibirige Nimusiima commented, “The Holy Spirit has covered me.”

Notably, Rema was amazingly one of the artists who entertained visitors at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s marriage anniversary recently.

‘Oli Katonda,’ is loosely translated to mean ‘you are God,’ and was released in 2016 by Justine Nabbosa.

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