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Christians get free land titles from Pr Bujjingo

File: Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo (L). Credit: Wilber Photography

Mega-Church Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo has allocated free plots of land to needy Christians at House of Prayer Ministries International – Kikoni, Makerere in the Capital Kampala.

A single mother from Nansana municipality taking care of two orphans who lost their parent to HIV, and an elderly widow from Kasubi in Kampala received free land titles amid ululation in a filled-to-capacity Sunday church service.

“I gave birth to 11 children but have since lost 9,” the elderly widow said, explaining how she is now cooking food at Tonninyira, along Kawaala to raise money to cater for the orphans left behind.

To the land tile, the elderly woman received 5,000 bricks and 100 bags of cement from well wishers.

Candidates who received the land titles where singled out after a majority vote where congregants agreed upon who deserved the plot of land when each sharing their story.

Pr Bugingo said he got the land from Ntale company, a commercial real estate agency whose head, (a one) Mr Mutawe Ntale was present to witness the event.

“When you gave me this land,” Pr Bujjingo told Mr Ntale during the church service, “I told you to divide it into portions so we can give it out to others. I felt so happy.”

This land has no conditons to it, Pr Bujjingo said.

The Pastor said he will give out 5 more land titles, noting that each recipient is to receive transfer forms so has to have the documents appear in their individual names.

By Staff Writer.

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