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Christian singer announces own coffee brand

Musician Jackie Akello ventures into Coffee.

Jackie Akello, the vocal powerhouse behind hit single ‘Samanya’ that features Levixone has announced her own coffee brand on Uganda’s market, Village Belle.

The mother of one who has stayed true to her roots, sings in local languages, most especially Acholi, took to social media on Wednesday to express her excitement and fulfilled dream.

“It all begun years ago on a small farm far deep in the outskirts of Uganda. Being a farmer’s daughter, my father used to portion each child a small space to grow something which later was to be harvested and shared by the family,” she said.

“It’s in these fields that I found my voice and with time natured and build my passion, however the little farmer girl in me never died and today I’m happy, excited and proud to share with you my coffee brand “Village Belle” which can be interpreted as “Village beauty”,” he continued.

Jackie said ‘Village Belle’ is coffee that promotes ethics and quality control in the coffee farming chain and she hopes to go global on this cause.

Coffee is Uganda’s top-earning export crop. It contributes between 20 – 30% in terms of foreign exchange earnings to the country economy. Arabica coffee, the type Akello announced, is more competitive on the International market because of its superior quality.

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