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Christian charity helps 8-year-old through reconstructive genital surgery

A new hope dawns on Benson Wasswa, 8, who was forced to use a catheter and bag for the past two years after a local medic accidentally amputated his genitals. Picture: Pic Jono Searle.

Eight-year-old Benson Wasswa from Ntuusi, Ssembabule district was forced to use a catheter and bag for more than two years after a local hospital medic accidentally amputated his genitals attempting to remove a blockage.

The youngster on Thursday left for Australia so as to have his final life-changing surgery in Brisbane, thanks to a Christian charity, Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM).

Pray for him, KCM said in a statement.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries with its partners including Droplets in a Stream charity, advocated for support and sought three surgeons in Australia who generously offered to treat Benson for free, but urged the patient to cover other expenses.

The surgery cycle to reattach his penis begun on June 23 last year, with Urologist Dr David Winkle at the Mater Children’s Hospital, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Scott Ingram and Anaesthetist Dr Amanda Harvey all donating their time.

Progress has been made since.

Dr Winkle said last year that while it was not the first time he had performed the surgery, it was unusual and most “unfortunate” for Benson.

Left untreated, Benson was at serious risk of dangerous infection because of the wound left by the surgery in Uganda.

Droplets in a Stream director Rodney Callanan said Benson’s trip to Brisbane was one that came with many firsts after South African Airlines and Virgin Australia flew him from his home for free.

“(It was) his first time on a plane, his first time watching a movie, and even his first time seeing an escalator,” he said.

“Children like Benson need urgent medical treatment so they can live a normal life, but that’s just not possible in Uganda, which is why we’ve been looking for help in Australia.

“Benson deserves to live a carefree life, where he can go to the toilet normally like other children his age.” he added.

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