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‘Christ Coin’: New Christian digital currency launches

A Bitcoin (virtual currency) paper wallet with QR codes and a coin are seen in an illustration picture. A new specifically Christian digital currency has now been launched. REUTERS

A ‘groundbreaking’ new initiative has seen the launch of the world’s first Christian digital currency that operates independently of a bank or government control (cryptocurrency).

‘Christ Coin’, from the mission company Life Change, seeks to unite the church with its own currency and financially reward people who read the Bible, post/view content and interact with the community on the Life Change Platform.

It offers a new way for parties to transfer funds, using encryption techniques to guarantee security.

“Instead of dollars, consumers purchase or earn coins, which can be used for purchasing or exchange just like any other currency.” Life Change said in a press release, according to RNS.

“The overarching benefits of the Life Change Platform truly go beyond what people would typically think when talking about finance and economics,” said Luke Forstmann, Christ Coin’s co-founder.

“Yes, Christ Coin is an investment opportunity, but it goes so much farther than personal finance. We hope it will change lives, support ministries, and inspire people to grow in their faith,” he adds.

Christ Coin will continue their coin sale until December 1 at 7:00am CT.

A short video explanation of Christ Coin can be viewed here.

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