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CENSUS RESULTS: Catholics and Protestants have reduced, Pentecostals doubled


The Uganda national bureau of statistics launched the final population and housing census at Kampala Serena Hotel yesterday.

The new Report summarizing the findings indicates that the total country’s population stands at 34,634,650 persons.

UBOS said that the Total fertility rate in the country has gone down from 7% – 5.8% in 2014 and they urged that this could explain why the population growth rate declined to 3%.

The new report has also revealed that the number of Catholics and Protestants has reduced but there has been growth among the Pentecostal church, which has doubled. A growth in the Muslim populace has also been noted.

There has been a sustainable drop in infant mortality rate (children below 5years). 8% have no access to toilet facilities and females now stand at 51%.

Marital status: The percentage of females above 18 years; 22% have never been married whereas 57% have been married. The rate of females who are married off below 18 years is increasing at an elevated speed. – Photo – Screen Shot from NTV contrasting results of the religious populace between years 2002 and recent 2014.


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