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CBN launches 24-hour news channel to report what secular media ignores

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shakes hands with CBN founder, Rev. Pat Robertson during an appearance at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va., Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

By Agencies

Christian Broadcasting Network has launched CBN News Channel, the first 24-hour Christian news channel that will broadcast national and international news stories, which the organisation says aren’t being reported by the secular mainstream media.

“CBN News Channel will report on stories that people are not hearing about, or are not getting the full story,” Gordon Robertson, CEO of CBN, told The Christian Post on Thursday.

“There is Christian persecution taking place in the Middle East and also in Russia, China and India that no one is covering, except for maybe the BBC,” he said. “The typical coverage of Israel focuses on the latest terror attack and ignores the larger story of the innovation that Israel supplies to the whole world.

Robertson maintained that their news channel will expose viewers to “things they’re not hearing in the secular media.”

When asked about media bias and how the new network will maintain journalistic integrity, Robertson assured that they will show no bias in their reporting.

“CBN News does not seek to be combative or to become part of the story. Instead, we respect our guests and allow them to speak freely. We prefer to let our audience make up their own minds about whether to believe or disagree with what the interviewer is saying. We have been consistent with this approach with interviewees from all sides of the political spectrum, from President Trump to Hillary Clinton,” Robertson said.

CBN News Channel will be available in 15 markets, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, St. Louis and Nashville. For those who don’t live in those cities, the channel can also be streamed online at CBN News or the CBN News app.

“Viewers are hungry for news today and also to understand how current events, both here and abroad, affect them,” said Pat Robertson, founder and chairman of CBN in a statement shared with CP. “With news bureaus and correspondents in dozens of countries and humanitarian aid efforts going on around the world, CBN News Channel is on the ground in the world’s hot zones and uniquely positioned to deliver important stories in emerging formats that will engage new audiences.”

The Channel, presented from a Christian perspective, features a combination of live and breaking news coverage from their Virginia Beach headquarters and other locations. News will air every morning and throughout the day other CBN original programming will be shown such as Faith Nation, Jerusalem Dateline, Christian World News, Healthy Living, Studio 5 and more.

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