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Canaan Gents officially welcome identical twins to the group

Identical twins, Mr Wasswa Elijah Kissiti and Mr Kato Elisha Kissiti have officially been announced as the newest members to Uganda’s most awarded gospel acapella group, the Canaan Gents.

The group took to social media on Tuesday to welcome the duo, saying with the new year comes new beginnings, new goals and new additions.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us introduce the latest addition to the vocal team,” they said.

This development comes days since the Canaan Gents also announced nomination for the 6th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards.

It’s been a couple of months since Isaac Kawuki, the bass singer and Marc Tugume, an alto within the basic voices left.

Tugume, had left to pursue a masters degree in Law (LLM), the group announced through their official Facebook page earlier in 2016.

L-R: Samuel Lubwama (vision bearer of the Canaan Gents), Geofrey Amanyire, Ssentongo Charles, and Samuel Baker Bitwire

Canaan Gents began 30th November, 2011 with Samuel Lubwama, Victor Tusiimire, Kevin Kiggundu, Aijuka Rodney and Nsereko Derrick while at Uganda Christian University, Mukono.

The five confidently sparked off this vision while fully attending to their lectures at the university. One of their most memorable performances was at a talent show where they performed voluntarily. Here, the profound feedback they received from the audience advanced their self-assurance to the inaugurated a cappella music journey.

Who is Kato and who is Wasswa? Well, Canaan Gents fans will most definitely get their first chance to check out the twins voices at any event the group will appear.

“Happy for you boys we pray for a greater journey for you. You were a great duo for us #MelodyGents and all we pray for you are blessings in your new journey God bless you for all the sacrifices and your input to the melody gents progress. You will always be missed. it must be God,” Mwebaze Amos, a vocalist from the group the twins were initially, said.

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