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Bududa tragedy: Woman buried under debris successfully rescued

Photo | Uganda Red Cross Society.

By Paul W Dennis

Bududa District – A woman under immense pile of rubble has successfully been pulled out alive during a rescue mission in Bududa district where a massive mudslide hit again following a heavy downpour for over 4 hours on Thursday.

Uganda Red Cross spokesperson, Irene Nakasiita revealed on Friday that “she survived among the many who were washed by strong running water.”

“When we asked for her name, she couldn’t say it. She was traumatised. She only stared at us. Thanks to Uganda Red Cross rescue team that saved her life. She was buried under the debris,” Ms Nakasiita tweeted.

She noted that the bad weather in the area is still hampering rescue efforts. “We could not finish the assessment yesterday because the place was inaccessible,” she said.

This development comes at a time Christians have taken to social media to pray for the people of Bududa who have lost loved ones and property in the mudslide.

Martin Owor, the commissioner for disaster preparedness in the Office of the Prime Minister, told a state-linked news daily River Tsuume burst its banks at about 2:30pm local time following a downpour “and a landslide up the mountain”.

In a statement, President Yoweri Museveni, who was away in London to attend a conference on illegal wildlife trade, urged residents to “co-operate with authorities to mitigate possible further danger”.

“I have received the sad news of landslides wreaking havoc in Bududa district, killing a yet-to-specified number of residents. The government has dispatched rescue teams to the affected areas,” he said.

“The government will look at the other options available to stop further occurrences of these disasters. My condolences to those who have lost their dear ones in this catastrophe,” the President added.

“We’re counting on the rescue teams from the Office of the Prime minister (OPM), Uganda Red Cross and Bududa district local government to expedite rescue efforts to prevent further loss of life,” Officials from the NRM party said.

Benna Namono, a counsellor in Bududa said many of the survivors were sheltering at Bukalasi Secondary School. She described the situation at the temporary camp to media as “dire”, further revealing that many of the victims have not received shelter, food or clothing.

Bududa Update Via Red Cross Society:

– Death toll increases to 34.

– Search and rescue continues in the affected communities.

– RedCross Volunteers on ground to support affected people.

– Organisation technical team is conducting risk assessment.

– Society have positioned relief (stock) to suppport affected.

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