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Brian Lubega’s newest worship song stirring the hearts of all who hear it

“You might be going through a tough situation but I would like to encourage you, not to give up. Our help is in Jesus Christ,”

The above statement was the caption to Pastor Brian Lubega’s newest official gospel video titled “Nyanjala” released on Wednesday. 

Known for writing songs that connect with Christians from all back grounds and that make a strong biblical connection to what Christians experience during their walk with Christ,  “Nyanjala” is definitely another single that will captivate Churches across the country.

The slow tempo song reminds us of God’s faithfulness and ability to see us through all turbulent storms of life. We know what he has accomplished in the past, so that encourages us and gives us confidence in what He will do in the future.

The message “Nyanjala” portrays is very similar to the pattern we see in Isaiah 6. Mission flows from worship. After Isaiah encounters God in the temple, he volunteers himself to go on a mission.

“Here I am, send me.” 

The lyrics speak of total surrender, and emphasize the fact that God is our creator and all our help comes from Him. It’s simple, memorable, and sounds great whether you’re leading it with a full band or as a solo worship leader.

One social media user, after watching the video actually recommended, this song works great as an invitation for response to a sermon or call to salvation. 

Watch The Video Here

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