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Allow God’s light to shine in your private life

Brian Lubega. Courtesy Photo.

The greatest challenges for most worshipers come not from those circumstances that press in upon them, but from the internal struggle to surrender their will to God.

We know it’s important to surrender every part of our lives to Christ, and hold nothing back. But this is not easy for a number of ministers especially when one can not make sense of the season they are in.

If we believe, as it says in Colossians 1:17, that God “is before all things, and in Him all things hold together,” then we can trust and know that He’s got everything under control.

This closely rhymes with what renown worship leader and Pastor, Brian Lubega explained in one of his recently posts on Facebook, calling for total surrender to God through prayer among worship leaders seeking appropriate songs for worship.

“It takes prayer and a diligent heart to make a selection of songs that would fit perfectly in the season,” Brian Lubega said.

Often times worshipers/recording artists question what it means to have the Holy Spirit take the whole congregation into one of these manifestations of the Lord’s presence all at once.

It takes a diligent and a prayerful heart, Pastor Brian said, to find suitable songs that will draw people to God’s heart.

“If you want to build lives, find time to prayerfully select the right material/songs, don’t take that responsibility light, there is a reward for every excellent work,” he added.

If worshipers can allow God open-access to every area and aspect of their life, His power will flow to the level that they grant Him access.

The ‘Wegukubila’ hit composer and singer explained that it is not wise to just get songs from your song bank and pack them on an album.

He added that one is a worshiper before being artist or singer, “that why your relevance is not measured by how many songs you record but rather in having the presence of God at work in and through you,” he stated.

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