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Born again Christians can’t be indwelt by demons – Pastor

Pastor Herbert Kiwanuka.

Pastor Herbert Kiwanuka, the senior pastor of Glory of Christ Church, Kasubi-Kawaala has rejected reports of born again Christians being demon possessed.

He was responding to a Christian who asked him if it is it possible to serve God when you are at the same time spiritually bound.

“No child of God is bound,” he said. “I hear so many times that Children of God are demon possessed. No! No body is born again and is demon possessed.”

He went on to say, however, that a demon may gain influence over the mind of a Christian.

“You can be demon influenced but not demon possessed because the word ‘possession’ means you are owned by someone. But the moment you came to Christ Jesus, you were redeemed not by perishable things, but an imperishable seed. The blood of Jesus is eternal,” he said.

Pr Kiwanuka said the idea of a true believer being inhabited by a demon erodes the biblical concept of salvation, where “we were once servants of sin (Romans 6:17) but now we are free to live for Christ.”

Still, “the claim seems contrary to the biblical view of the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.”

According to a recently published report by General Council of the Assemblies of God, the biblical emphasis on warfare against Satan’s forces is what Christians must face in the very atmosphere around them.

“The enemy is out there attacking us, testing us, not possessing us. The call is to be vigilant and to put our armor on and take our stand

“If the truth remains in us, we remain in the Son and in the Father (1 John 2:24). Only if we are cut off from the vine and cast forth as a dead branch can Satan or his demons claim us. Our redemption is a redemption of the whole person. The full price has been paid.” the Council says.

Pastor Herbert said for one to serve God, he/she must receive the Word and confess with their mouth and believe with their heart – “and then you are saved from the works of the devil and the bondage.”

By Paul W Dennis.

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