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Bobi Wine’s song shouldn’t divide us – Michael Kyazze tells fellow Pastors

Pastor Michael Kyazze. Courtesy Photo.

By Our Reporter

KAMPALA. Two Pastors on Monday separately condemned Bobi Wine’s decision to ‘alter’ the lyrics of a well-know Christian song, ‘Tuliyambala Engul’ for what they said where secular and political motives.

Others called the matter “critical and sensitive” while Pastor Male Solomon defended the singer saying the song is rallying Ugandans for patriotism, and not evil.

Pastor Ssempa took to social media to disagree with Pastor Male Solomon, asserting that he [Male] would “see different if he was trained.”

“Male is right on the politics of the Bobi Wine song. He is wrong on theology,” he added, sparking polarised public debate.

In the wake of the controversy surrounding this new release, Pastor Michael Kyazze of Omega International Ministries, Zana has asked preachers to pursue oneness and put their differences aside. 

Addressing the mater during an interview with Delta TV on Tuesday, Pastor Kyazze said “in my view, this should not divide us.”

Kyazze said the saga should be a lesson to artists who think they can, at liberty, get Church songs and alter the lyrics for whichever reasons.  

“We have sung these songs for years and they bring back unique memories each time they are played. Let us not make a lot of noice over this, but pick a leaf from it. The nation needs help,” he explained.

“The issues Bobi Wine addressed are not an opinion, they are the fact. This is not far-fetched matter. We see this everyday. It is not an issue of whether I agree with Bobi Wine or not. The nation needs help,” he added.

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