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Bishop urges Museveni not to sign passed age limit bill into law

President Yoweri Museveni. PPU Photo.

Our head of state is a good person, said the bishop of Kinkizi diocese, Rt. Rev Dan Zoreka on Christmas day, as he proposed the need for President Museveni to closely review the decision by 317 MPs who after three days of heated debate voted in favour of the motion to lift the age limit of 75 years for persons seeking to run for the presidency.

“I know the bill that was passed is not yet assented to by His Excellence. My appeal to all the legislators: they have already done it but let them listen to all Ugandans and see the wishes of the majority. Sometimes the majority may not be considered but they have a point in this amendment of the constitution,’’ Bishop Zoreka said, as quoted by the Daily Monitor Newspaper.

“I appeal to these MPs to go back and listen to their people who sent them to parliament. It is possible they can reconsider and say your excellence let us put a halt to this, it is not too late. What majority Ugandans want is what should be the ideal if we are to promote peace in this country,’’ he stated.

“Our head of state is a good person. We want to thank him for good work he has done leading this country. I want to say as a leader of this country, most of us look up to him. Let him also listen to what the people are saying and consider their wishes. I know God is going to use our leaders to make better judgment,’’ he added.

Like political commentators predicted, age limit talk quite dominated Clergy Christmas messages across the country on Monday.

Delivering his homily at Rubaga Cathedral during Christmas Mass, Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the Catholic Archbishop of Kampala diocese, noted that lies have infiltrated the country, making it hard for one to tell the truth from lies.

Lwanga said legislators were told by their voters not to amend article 102(b) but they instead went to Parliament and did the reverse.

“I think it is unfair to blame us for the short-comings in the country because it is not us who sent the MPs to parliament. It is also not us who asked President Museveni to go to the bush in the 80s. I think what is important for all of us, is to know that whatever action we take has an effect on this country, now or in the future. We should therefore be mindful to take only informed and non-sentimental decisions.” The parish-priest,  Christ the King Church, Kampala, Msgr Gerald Kalumba, said.

Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira,  according to a state aided news daily, challenged government and parliament to exercise the same energy used while considering age limit Bill to tackle vices such as corruption, land grabbing, murders and domestic violence, which he said directly affect Ugandans.

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