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Bishop to Christians: Lent is not a punishment

Rt Rev Henry Katumba Tamale, The Bishop of West Buganda Diocese

Millions across the entire world have on Wednesday started Lent, the period of time when Christians fast, intensify prayer and give up worldly pleasures ahead of Easter.

The season begun this morning with many flocking their local parishes to receive ashes on their forehead.

Addressing believers, Rt Rev Henry Katumba Tamale, the Bishop of West Buganda Diocese explained that lent is not a punishment but a season for Christians to learn, repent, read the Word of God and hear His voice.

“Don’t let this fasting period appear as a punishment. It is a season to sanctify and correct that which went wrong in our lives,” Bishop Henry Katumba Tamale said, quoting Isaiah 58:1

“Fasting is not hunger strike, you cannot say you are fasting, yet distant from the word of God and prayer. The mistake may of us make is starting the fast today, and half way through return to our evil ways,” he explained,urging that this season “is about turning from our former ways.”

The Bishop used Luke 4:1 to teach that Jesus Christ offered valuable lessons on foregoing certain things in life as he prepared for his ministry of salvation.

Elsewhere, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali said during fasting Christians need transformation.

“Transformation that begins from the heart,” he noted.

These remarks where made as he lead the Ash Wednesday service at the Anglican chapel of Parliament in Kampala. He urged legislatures to care for the needy in the community.

“As a leader, ask your self, what is my contribution because accountability will be on individual basis. There are people who sent you to Parliament and there will be time of making accountability,” he stated.

By Moses Muwulya, Aaron Sseruyigo.

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