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Bishop Kiganda encourages women to find mentors

Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda. Courtesy Photo.

By Male Marvin

Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda, the senior pastor of Christianity Focus Centre in Mengo, Kisenyi has advised women to seek out mentors who are willing to help them get closer to their success in life.

He was speaking to hundreds who attended the overnight service on 12 October under the theme “One Night With A King,” inspired by Esther 2:12.

Kiganda urged that mentorship can benefit women in such a way that connecting with people known for particular competence and experience provides one with valuable feedback, advice, and open doors to new opportunities.

He also explained that mentoring helps many women overcome their own self-limiting beliefs and mindsets, which he noted can hinder them in aspiring to reach senior positions in life.

To this, the preacher made reference to one key figure in the book of Esther, a man named Mordecai.

Bishop Kiganda taught that Esther became connected with Mordecai because “when her father and her mother died, Mordecai took her as his own daughter” (Esther 2:7).

He explained to the audience that Mordecai knew well how to mentor a young person like Esther into becoming a great leader as queen of the empire.

Mordecai supported Esther in the beauty pageant that led to her becoming queen; he forbade her from making known that she was a Jew (Esther 2:10-11) until the time came for her to take her stand on behalf of her people (Esther 4:1-17; Esther 7:3-4).

With this background, Bishop Kiganda urged that women need to find mentors like Mordecai. He added that such individuals can be used by God to infuse young people with a renewed sense of divine calling to be flexible, strong and unflinching figures of our day.

“If you are going to find your self with the king, you ought to have a Mordecai in your life,” he said.

In the same way, Kiganda cautioned that talent can open doors or take anyone somewhere, but only character can keep them there.

“Beauty, without character equates to nothing in a short while. Anyone can stop their car where there is something beautiful, but sustainability is only going to happen due to character,” he said

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