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Bishop Kiganda and wife laud gospel ministers at awards ceremony

Bishop David Livingstone Kiganda and his wife, Cindy Kiganda have recognized and awarded various individuals for their voluntary spirit and devotion towards working together with the church to reach the world with the gospel.

The awards were presented during the 5th Annual Royal Women Beauty Conference on the theme: ‘The woman that will never Die’ drawn from Acts 9:36-42.

Bishop Kiganda, the team leader at Christianity Focus Centre Church – Kisenyi and Kingdom TV said the awards were aimed at appreciating various ministry partners, church volunteers, and boosting passion among believers to work assiduously for the development of the church and country.

In her speech during the 4-day conference which started 10 May, Pastor Cindy Kiganda urged women to be smart, visionary, confident, and avoid feeling secure and unsatisfied over their appearance.

“Women, be outstanding in all that you are doing. You are unique. Whatever you are going to do, do it wholeheartedly,” she said. “Love you self. Some of you are so stressed, because no one is recognizing you. The most important question is do you see yourself? Women have done it all. They have taken care of people, it is good. But have you taken care of your self? Find time for yourself,”

Pastor Cindy urged listeners to avoid hopping from one church to another.

“The one who called you knows your strength and weaknesses. If you leave Church, because you are looking for the perfect, let me tell you, there is no perfect pastor, and there is no perfect church. It is only God who is perfect. Any human being can make a mistake anytime. Nothing must move you from Church,” she said.

she cautioned women against letting maids do everything in the house, including taking care of their husbands. She also spoke against un married Christian women dating married men.

“Be a wife, don’t be a knife. Take care of your husband. No one has time in this world. You look at your priorities in life and create time. I’m also busy as a preacher, I do have my own goals and vision that I have to pursue, but I have to create time and priorities as a wife and married woman. I believe God is first, then your husband. It is your responsibility to cook for him. In your busy scheduled, plan for the day,” she said.

To Christian women married to a Muslim man, Pr Cindy urged that one should be patient with their loved ones and pray for them.

“You have to win him to Christ. But if the two of you are not yet married, and are a born again Christ, the bible says darkness and light do not mix. Do not compromise when you know the truth. Unless you married him came before you were born again.  Don’t run away from him. Be a good wife,” she explained.

On his part, Bishop David Kiganda urged women to always “prepare for children” as well as “prepare the children.”

“As long as you have children, spare time for them in your busy schedule. Mentor your children. The government will not do it for us.  In the western world, the government system is so protective of Children to the extent that you cannot exercise your parental rights of disciplining a child the right way,” he said.

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