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Bishop Isaiah Mbuga responds to the tough questions Christians face

Bishop Isaiah Mbuga, the senior pastor at Christ’s Heart Ministry International in Mukono – Uganda. Courtecy photo.

Bishop Isaiah Mbuga of Christ’s Heart Ministries International has taken off time to provide answers to difficult, debatable and sensitive spiritual questions many Christian face during their walk with Christ.

This happened through social media on February 5 where users were at liberty to forward specific topics including, but not limited to doctrine, the Holy Spirit, spiritual parenthood, gospel music, prayer, speaking in tongues, dreams, tithing, marriage and more.

Perhaps you or someone you know has wondered about the answer to one of these questions.

Here are some of his submissions.

Is a dedicated follower of Christ immune to suffering?

The bible says anyone who wants to live a righteous life in Jesus will suffer persecution. I’m not saying go look for it, and then say you are suffering on behalf of the Lord. This world system is not your friend, it will always work against you. Disappointments, troubles and things that hurt will always come, but the bible says woe unto him who brings them. Sometimes God will cause us to ride over them and other times He will not – They will be there, and we just have to carry the grace to endure them. Some come to discourage us and slow us down, and steal our attention.

Not everything you want to see will happen your way, however its different when God promises you something and it does not come to pass – that is impossible.  It may not come to pass in your day but it will still happen. There are people God promised things, and the bible says ‘they beheld them from a far’ (Hebrews 11:13). They did not touch them, but they embraced them from afar, and by so doing, received them by faith.

Is there a systematic way to knowing the voice of God?

Yes, it is simple, spend time in the Word of God. Spend time in the presence of God. Some of us want to hear the voice of God because we don’t want to read the bible. You have to learn to read the bible everyday. And when you do this, meditate on it getting scriptures inside your heart and from your heart they should transfer to your spirit man.

You have to memorize scripture for it is then that you will be able to remember it when you need it most.  God always speaks His word.

When you follow the Word you will get into the dimensions of the things you are looking for. For example, some of you are looking for rhema word and seek to be lead prophetically. It will only begin in the Word.

There are so many voices that speak to us on a daily basis, but they are not God’s voice. And don’t just read, but obey the Word and everything that it says.

How can I compose or write Christian music?

It is not very difficult but again it is not that easy. I believe in writing songs in the presence of God. If you want a song that will stay for a long time, be in the Word. New songs which begin in your heart and in the Presence of God will transcend generations. I encourage you to use scriptures, promises of God and the things you are dealing with in the presence of God.  These things are going to bring out the best of Worship inside of you.

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NOTE: The next session will be done on 5th March between 9-10pm

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