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Bishop Isaiah Mbuga meets gospel artists

Kampala. As Christ’s Heart Ministries International’s annual conference, ‘November Blessing’ comes to an end, the Church senior pastor, Bishop Isaiah Mbuga has together with Dr. Adonijah Ogbonnaya met several Ugandan gospel artists, promoters and producers in the capital.

Present were artists including Holy Keane Amooti, Sseku Martin, Exodus, Coopy Bly, Rad Ney, Minister Sami-k and others. Media personalities included Ivodrous, King Wesley among others.

The gathering kicked off with intense prayer, interactions, and the attendants had an opportunity of sharing their views on the current state of the Gospel industry before and even after the main speakers.

Bishop Isaiah Mbuga believers a gospel minister’s relevance is determined by his/her connection to God “and to how true a servant you are to His cause.”

Image: Christ’s Heart Ministries International.

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