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Billy Graham’s secretary for over 45 years honored

Billy Graham with his longtime secretary, Stephanie Wills, backstage at a Jacksonville, Florida, Crusade in 2000.

Stephanie Wills was 18 years old, working for a law office in London when she heard Billy Graham was coming to town (1966) to hold an evangelistic Crusade.

During the month-long crusade, more than a million people heard about Jesus Christ, and tens of thousands indicated making decisions to trust Him with their lives. Stephanie Wills had a front row seat. When the Crusade ended she decided 3 years later to move to Australia, where she was hired by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Sydney.

Stephanie Wills from that time devoted her life to helping the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association share the Gospel.

On Tuesday, USA Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) addressed the U.S. House of Representatives in honor of Stephanie Wills, whom he described as “one of the quiet heroes” who helped make possible the worldwide ministry of Dr. Billy Graham.

CBN News reported Wills was not expecting any recognition when she had tuned into C-SPAN, thinking Congress would pay homage to the life of Billy Graham.

But as Wills watched, along with other Graham staff in Montreat, North Carolina, according to CBN  News, she was surprised to find she was the one to be honored.

Rep. Pittenger is quoted as noting how during her more than 45 years of service, Wills traveled the world helping Dr. Graham at crusades and meetings but always refused any title fancier than secretary.

“I’ve said several times that Dr. Graham was a great man because he was faithful to the mission that God gave him.The same can be said of Stephanie Wills,” Pittenger told his colleagues on the House floor.

“She has been a faithful servant of Jesus Christ, playing a quiet yet enormous role in sharing the Gospel around the world through her dedicated and tireless support of God’s servant, Dr. Billy Graham,” Pittenger continued.

BGEA reported in 2016 that Will still works for organisation in Montreat and used to typically visit Billy Graham twice a week, before his death on February 21, 2018.

As for what’s next, Wills plans to retire eventually and take a road trip across the country to visit friends she’s made over the years. She’d also like to continue with her local Bible studies and do some volunteer work, “or tend to a flower garden, and sit and read.”

“I had the privilege of seeing that first person walk forward in each stadium,” she said. “And it made all the work worthwhile. And so it’s been an honor from that point of view to be able to be just a small part of what God has done through the ministry of the Billy Graham Association.” she told BGEA.

“We’re a very small cog, each of us, in an overall machine,” she continued. “And it’s the same way in the Christian community or the body of Christ. We’re just a small part in it. But that part can be very significant when you are put to good use.” she added.

By Paul W Dennis.

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