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Bible Society of Uganda, Dr Serwadda revive the discussion of “bible burning”

Presiding apostle Dr Joseph Serwadda has said senior officials from Bible Society of Uganda are set to appear on nationwide television and radio for a heated discussion of “bible burning” in Uganda, again.

According to a statement issued by Dr Joseph Serwadda on Tuesday, the Christian Non-Governmental Organization, which serves churches and the general public by making the Holy Scriptures available in languages that people understand best, will be hosted on both Dream TV and Impact Fm radio to address the matter that since April 2017 pulled the attention of both local and international media when Aloysius Bugingo, a lead pastor of the House of Prayer Ministries in Kampala, allegedly ordered his congregation to set ablaze, particular copies of Bibles on grounds that they were heavily edited and deceptive.

“What do you want to ask the Bible Society concerning this sensitive issue?” Pr Serwadda asked his online audience, noting that reactions from the readers will help them generate a non-biased discussion.

“Remember also that a section of this case is before the Courts of Laws so we need to limit our discussion to spiritual matters and NOT divulge into legal issues.” He added.

This discussion will take place on Sunday at 6 – 8.30 AM.

When news on bible burning broke in April, the Bible society of Uganda General Secretary Simon Peter Mukhama told media reporters during the society’s annual general assembly in Kampala that “They are collecting evidence to institute a legal challenge against Pastor Bugingo for insulting Christianity.”

The Bible society made reference to section 122 of the Penal Code Act which prohibits actions that wound religious feelings. Mukhama urged people who witnessed the incident to give them information or report to police.

“If someone likes King James Version and you burn it, that is an offence but also if you don’t like the book, take it back to the owner. You don’t burn it. The act of burning is evil,” Mukhama said.

Bugingo, who owns Salt TV and Salt radio has been at loggerheads with pastors and a few Christians who last month against heavy criticism sued the preacher for allegedly violating their freedom to worship by burning several versions of the Holy Bible.

Veteran actor Aloysius Matovu Kizza and Francisco Evangelist Ssemugooma filed a lawsuit contending that the said actions of Bugingo are tantamount to an attack and insult of all Christians who believe in the Bible.

Pr Bugingo was served with sermons and appeared in court on July 10th. The case was adjourned till 29th August for several reasons that included the crowd Pastor Bugingo turned up with that “disrupted” court proceedings.

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