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Belgium Embassy backs Christian group fighting ritual sacrifice in Uganda

Belgium in June this year hosted the annual HRD award ceremony on behalf of all our EU-colleagues and Norway in Kampala, Uganda. Here, Pr Peter Sewakiryanga, the founder of Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) and Ms Margaret Arach Orech of the Uganda Landmine Survivor’s Association (ULSA) were awarded. Courtesy Photo.

By Male Marvin

KAMPALA – Ahead of its 20th anniversary since launching in Uganda, the Embassy of Belgium has resolved to support one of the well-known Christian Charity organisations advocating for an end to child sacrifice and trafficking in the country.

In a statement released Friday, Kyampisi Childcare Ministries announced that the Embassy of Belgium in Uganda has dedicated a day for the Charity’s Children under rehabilitation.

This will happen during the 2018 edition of our “Belgian Week” this November themed: “Sharing More than Colours.”

The Embassy program will involve a kids event, in which the organisation will gather toys among other items for children who have survived sacrifice and trafficking.

“To mark this special 2018 edition of Belgian Week in Kampala, we will be rolling out a series of events between the 15th and 21st November, featuring diplomatic gatherings, trade and economic related activities, a development day, a kids event, our Kings Day reception, cultural interactions, visits to Ugandan innovative companies, Belgian food tasting and a much anticipated concert featuring the renowned Belgian band Intergalactic Lovers,” the Embassy of Belgium in Uganda said in a statement.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries carries out a number of operation to investigate cases of child sacrifice and trafficking in which many children have been rescued, witch-doctors and traffickers have been arrested, thorough and conclusive Investigation done to aid prosecutions that have led to conviction of the perpetrators

The Charity facilitates medical treatments to surviving victims both locally and Internationally. Unfortunately, the organisation says, most injuries are life long and need lifesaving specialized surgeries not offered in Uganda.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries also carries out an advocacy and public awareness program that educates people in affected communities about the harmful practices of witchcraft, focusing on child sacrifice and mutilation of children with albinism as well branding them as witches.

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