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Barren for over a decade, 2 women testify of God’s faithfulness

Barren for over a decade, 2 women testify of God’s faithfulness.

One waited on God for 12 years and the other 17 years.

Pastor Stephen Banyikiza Wamara who serves as a pastor at Watoto Church Suubi has shared with UG Christian News a remarkable experience of two (2) women who bear a testimony to the faithfulness of God after waiting with patience in the hope of the promise of a children.

Mr. Abel Kabugo and Mrs Florence Kabugo hoped for twelve years to have a child. The couple could not conceive but when God graciously opened her womb, Florence shared their story during a baptism Sunday Pastor Stephen Banyikiza witnessed, revealing how God gave them baby Tabitha last year.

“They dedicated her with tears of Joy,”

This event amazingly sparked off another testimony the couple would soon hear. They had no clue how far that story would go in blessing other people.

Pastor Stephen Banyikiza Wamara says there was a new believer that Sunday who was a former Muslim being baptized. Together with her husband, they had been married for 17 years with no children.

“Her faith was stirred up as she heard the Kabugos testify.”

“We laid hands on her praying for a child. I remember telling her to mark the day because it was the day God answered her heart’s desire.”

Pastor Stephen Banyikiza (Extreme Left) holds a child to the former Muslim woman (in blue gomesi) during a dedication service.

This past Sunday (5th November) she came to testify and dedicate her daughter Tendo Elizabeth (Named by Mrs Kabugo).

As Christians, walking blindly, solely by faith, is sometimes the hardest thing for us to do, but our God has a perfect track record.  When we look back at what He has already for others; what He has already done, we can rest assured that He will also make a way for whatever it is we’re going through.

Regardless of how we’re feeling, what our eyes are seeing, what our finite minds are thinking, our God is faithful. So when the Lord gives you a promise, when He tells you He’ll do something, walk by faith knowing and believing that one day it will come to pass.

Pastor Stephen Banyikiza Wamara says family of the ex-Muslim convert was impacted by what God did for her.

“They began to realize our God cares,” he said. “The Muslims are beginning to see our God not only as caring but also as a miracle working God, who wiped away her tears after 17 long years. We are believing God for the salvation of her husband and many more in the community,”

“Our God is not limited by time, Pr Banyikiza says, if we believe Him he will come through for us so that His name will be exalted among the nations.

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