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Bahati Hilda’s live event to offer a 360-degree approach to being unstoppable in life

Bahati Hilda. Courtesy Photo.

Transformation speaker, life couch and counselling psychologist, Bahati Hilda is set to speak to thousands at a live event slated for 8 December at Tirupati Mall Kabalagala in Kampala, Uganda.

Running under the theme “Unstoppable 360,” the event is geared towards equipping and resourcing listeners towards revolutionary change in different areas of life.

Bahati, who also heads programming at Spirit 96.6 FM and Bob FM says his team will not just stick to dealing with one topic but, offer an all round discussion aimed towards becoming unstoppable in 2018 and beyond. This will include proficient talk on relationships, career, family, business, marriage among others.

“The biggest thing is that we want to hold conversations that are going to mark the road map of 2018, and I  believe these conversations are long over due. We need to be jump-started into the next phase and chapter of our lives,” Bahati said during an exclusive interview with UG Christian News.

“We have so many sessions that are tailor made for different areas of life. We will also have a ‘question and answer’ session aimed at attending to core questions from our audience,” she said.

“We expect more than a thousand (1000) people in attendance and most of them have confirmed that they are coming . We want to give out something that is solid and so good,” she said. “It is going to be real life talk and not theory – we are not going to empower you without telling you where we have been and what we have put into and how we were able to come out.”

Bahati is most popular for her live counseling sessions on NTV Uganda, Christian station Spirit FM and Bob FM (hosted with Mr Timothy Sabiti, a business couch).  For listeners and viewers lost in family, career and relationship frustration or disappointment, her programs provide motivational tips and wisdom on how to succeed with creative ideas for growth and problem management.

She will kick-start “Unstoppable 360” at 5pm with signing her new book, ‘Deliberately Selfish’ for the attendants. Entrance to the event is USh20,000.

“Anyone can come. These days a girl or boy of 15 – they grow very first. At that age they are already facing challenges in the world and do want to stream line their lives – this event is ready to transform their lives to show them that the world they live in is not an easy world and they have to make decisions as early as now in-order to make sure that they get to where you want to be,” she said.

“The issues we are dealing with right now are because people did not get these tools or kind of transformational talks early enough. So they have juggled with life but for many things are not working out,” she continued.

“We will have people she testimonies about how they have done things differently – some with our help and some without –  so listeners can get the test of what it means to be in the worst state, yet still pick oneself up and do something different. There is a a lot happening, an if someone is going to survive, they have to train their muscles, learn to be strong and smart, mentally and physically. They have to be willing to meet the challenges, go beyond and over them,” she concluded.

By Karen Alecho, Aaron Sseruyigo.

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