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Australia awaits Pr Kayanja

Miracle Centre Cathedral senior Pastor, Robert Kajanya (R) and Ps Vera Lim (L). Courtesy Photo.

A ministry at the forefront of revival and spiritual awakening in Perth, a city in Western Australia has announced that Miracle Centre Cathedral senior Pastor, Robert Kajanya is set to appear during its annual event associated with demonstrating God’s healing power to the sick and oppressed.

Labelled ‘Perth For Jesus’, this event is a unified gathering of over 70 churches in West Australian and runs for three days ( 17- 19th) in the first week of November.

Since its inauguration in 2010, It has been commended by several renowned preachers including Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Pastor Margaret Court, David Storer, Steve Davies, John McElroy, Benny Ho and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda among others.

Ps Vera Lim, the event vision bearer, frequently attendants the 77 Days of Glory revival meeting at Rubaga Miracle Center and has occasionally addressed the revival in Perth, as well as her own testimony and experiences of the glory of God.

Initially a Buddhist but now saved by grace, Ps Vera revealed through the Ministry page on 3rd October that they will host Pr Robert Kayanja, adding that “at every previous Perth For Jesus rally people experienced supernatural healings and miracles.”

Second time attending

Pr Kayanja, in a video shared Thursday by this ministry is heard saying: “The reason why I associated myself with Perth For Jesus is because, you don’t see a name of any preacher or superstar – it is about Jesus of Nazareth.”

“I don’t know a ministry that will raise hundreds of thousands of people, yet they take no credit for it. This is the only ministry that I know. And I don’t know how she [Ps Vera Lim] does it…She came to Uganda, saw what was happening in the 50 crusades that we were doing – she did not just come to see and take pictures – She stayed, brought her family, invested in the revival – went to the source of River Nile and the Lord spoke to her.. and she said; God, will you do the same in Australia,” he adds.

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