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At 98, he still proclaims the message of salvation to all mankind

Yosam Lukwago

Yosam Lukwago says he started seeing life differently the day he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior in the 1970’s.

Born to Yeremiya and Zerida Mugerwa on January 20, 1920 at Kajuna, Buwunga Sub-county Masaka District, the 98-year-old is one of several Ugandans who recently participated in the Handwritten bible project by Bible society of Uganda.

Lukwago, who retired from active professional teaching four decades ago, wrote Romans 1:10, and told UG Christian News he gladly participated in the project because of God’s unwavering faithfulness towards Him.

“He has done me well. Living at 98 is a gesture to this,” he said. “My wish is that everyone gets saved, and serves their capacity  with generosity.

A mandatory fee of Ush100,000 is paid by each individual intending to take part in writing a verse for the handwritten bible edition. Mr Lukwago said even if the fee was three times the above, he would have paid it.

He says he draws his values from the bible, and decries the rampant unlawful acts against students by some educators in the country today.

“How do you sleep with your daughter? Literally, when learners are at school, teachers are their immediate parents, and sleeping with them amounts to incest,” Lukwago said, in an added interview with media.

He is now writing books about west Bugamda and has served as a heard of laity at at Paul’s Cathedral in Masaka District.

Meanwhile, Fr Xavier Mbaziira, who played a major role in translating the Holy book to Luganda language lauded Bible Society of Uganda for “giving people a chance to write a verse in the bible”.

“I thank God for the privilege I already got when I was a translator of the Luganda Bible. Before we had computers, we used to write by hand. So, since I translated the whole bible, I have written every verse in the Luganda bible with my hand,” he said.

“Not only that, after writing it, I took a type writer and typed it in order to pass it to our review committee and others who help us to correctly translate the text.  Whereas people are happy to write one verse each in the bible, I have written all the verses, and I thank God for that. It would be a pity of writing all that didn’t change my life.” he said.

Adding, “Having been given the change of reading, writing and studying the word of God, it really affected by life, and I really feel that it has helped me to try to live as required, Of course the bible is full of so many things, but the holy spirit really influenced my life.”

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