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Archbishop Ntagali condemns increase in violent crimes

The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. © Albin Hillert/WCC

The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda has urged Police and other law enforcement agencies to do their work of protecting all Ugandans.

He has decried the widespread insecurity in the country, stating that this has led to fear and despondency among citizens.

Speaking at the 6th schedule of the 18th graduation ceremony of Uganda Christian University, in Mukono over the weekend, Archbishop Ntagali attributed the trend to emerging social challenges.

“We appeal to the police and law enforcement people to continue doing their working of protecting all Ugandans. While Ugandans need to be law abiding too, the police too need to do their work to stop the level of crime that we are seeing today,” he said.

Ntagali’s appeal reechoes a statement from Uganda Human Rights Commission issued February, calling on security agencies to expedite investigations and issue a comprehensive report to the public regarding “rampant mysterious deaths of foreigners, and murders within various localities in Kampala.”

In a move that came with criticism from opposition, President Museveni drew lines and blamed police for the increasing crimes in Uganda during his new year address.

He said assailants are taking advantage of a gap in the security infrastructure.

“Even the old police methods could have unearthed those criminals earlier. However, some laxity had crept in with some elements in the police failing to do what they should have done,” said Mr Museveni.

“On the side of security, I want to, again, assure Ugandans of their security. In order to send a message to the terrorists, the UPDF launched an air and Artillery attack on ADF who continue to freely use Eastern Congo to train, recruit and send assassins in Uganda like the ones who killed a number of Sheikhs last year.”

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