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Apostle Tumwine: Born-again Churches need a board of elders

Apostle Charles Tumwine. Courtesy photo.

It is in Uganda alone that I have seen Pastors without accountability partners, Apostle Charles Tumwine has said.

The team leader of New Life Harvest church international has advice that Born-again Churches in Uganda need a board of elders who can create space for dialogue to prevent the rise of inappropriate practices and false doctrine in Churches, and help promote respect and harmony in the Christian community.

The Apostle made these remarks when hosted by Bishop Ronald Mukiibi on Dream TV, April 22.

He said the rampant scandals among Pentecostal Churches around Uganda, are rare in Kenya Churches, because the county has a qualified council of elders, established by the Church and recognized by the government.

Apostle Tumwine said the respected persons are a voice of the Church, trusted to provide counsel and wisdom in decision making.

“Many in Uganda are behaving controversial to what they are expected to do because they know they are accountable to know one. They see their counterparts who might have done similar acts simply gaining fame and their churches full to capacity. But in Kenya you cannot – One that wanted to raise up in that manner was trimmed by the elders – Every one respects the council. It is acknowledged by government.” he said.

“In Uganda, because our foundation is not based on teachings – it is more evangelistic – We all believe in the Grace of God, but it has been exaggerated. They have twisted, and manipulated scripture – skipped verses like ‘work out your salvation with fear and trembling’. They have overlooked scripture like; What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?” he explained.

Apostle Tumwine warned that with oversimplification of scripture in which believers are told ‘past, present, and future has been forgiven’ many have dealt with sin lightly.

“Accountability partnership means the person you talk to about life, godliness and ministry . If you have any issues, who do you talk to or consult for wisdom here in Uganda? How to deal with matters?” Apostle Tumwine wondered.

By Paul W. Dennis.

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