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Ap Muhumuza: We serve a God of times and seasons

Apostle Anthony Muhumuza. Courtesy Photo.

Although many of us have lived our whole lives according to a solar calendar that is 365 days long, its important to understand that God wants us to live by discernment—revelation knowledge.

There is nothing as profitable to Christianity as doing the right thing in the right season, Apostle Muhumuza Anthony revealed while addressing believers at Amazing Grace Faith Church – Kampala on Sunday. And seasons have expiry dates, he added.

Apostle Muhumuza explained how thrilling it can be for Christians to unlock God’s truth and understand His divine purpose for their lives in all seasons and times ordained for them to observe.

“Every season has a specific message that God is broadcasting from heaven – that message is called the prophetic word of the season,” he said, quoting 2 Samuel 11:1 and I Chronicles 12:23 – 40.

Pr Muhumuza noted that in setting our selves apart, fasting and waiting on God at the start of the year, we receive divine guidance and spiritual incite into what decisions we have to take.

“At the beginning of the year, it is wisdom for you to know that it is a season for you to seek God. You can seek God in [any other month] but will never be as profitable as you do it in January. There is nothing as profitable to Christianity as doing the right thing in the right season,” he said.

“There are very many people who rush at the start of the year – and you may feel pressured to run at the same pace – but I want to tell you, if you are wise enough to wait upon the Lord, you will over take those who have gone ahead of you. Why? Because when you wait on God, when you begin you will take off with divine speed. When others have grown tired – you are moving in the strength of the Lord,” he added.

On the other hand, the preacher cautioned the congregation against negative confessions.

“The devil is not all knowing,” he explained, “the bible says that if he [devil] had known, he wouldn’t have crucified Jesus.”

“Some of you think the devil knows everything about you, no! He only knows what you tell him. Most of you need to close your mouths because it is only then that the devil will have less information about you,” he said.

“He does not know that you are weak until you say saw because when he reads the bible, he sees that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. You will be shocked that the devil knows the bible more than many Christians. Why? Because he is a liar, and as the father of all lies, he cannot lie unless he knew the truth,” he added.

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