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Ap. Grace Lubega prophecies unearthed within key events of 2017

Apostle Grace Lubega. Image: Phaneroo Kampala

When combined Ugandan security agencies arrested two suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists at the Uganda-Kenya border in June this year, it was a prophecy come true for Phaneroo fellowship vision bearer, Ap. Grace Lubega who had months before asked Christians to pray for the nation, and close the boarders from terrorism.

Ap. Grace Lubega, according to the ministry, had envisioned Uganda’s boarders infiltrated by the same spirit [Al-Shabaab] that led to the death of 74 people during the bomb attacks at Kyadondo Rugby grounds, Kampala.

“By prayer we can close our boarders from terrorism. They are quiet, but working on something – however we are ahead in the name of Jesus. That is why we decree and declare that if there be any spirit of terrorism in Uganda this year, they are going to be exposed in the inner cities, they are going to be arrested with their paraphernalia in the name of Jesus,” he had revealed.

Police said terror suspects; Faraus Muhammad and Musa Awaisthere were allegedly planning to strike during the Uganda Martyrs day celebrations, 6th June 2017.

“The security forces indicated that they became suspicious after the suspects had indicated on their passports that they were travelling to Kenya from Somalia but on reaching Nairobi, they jumped onto buses to Uganda,” as military intelligence, and crime reports analysts, reported.

There has been a new hunger for the prophetic in Uganda this year as most commentators have observed. The hunger for deep revelation among believers is said to stem from an increasing desire for guidance in order to survive the rampant confusion of our times.

Phaneroo ministries this week unearthed Apostle Grace Lubega’s prophecies within a number of key events. The ministry reported in a prophetic voice video, how “Apostle Grace laid 2017 bare with major milestones that framed the course of the year.”

In April, President Museveni shocked Ugandans when he accepted that he made mistakes while approving the payment of Shs6b to a clique of 42 government officials who were involved in helping Uganda win two oil cases against British firms.

Better known as the Oil Cash Bonanza, local press reported Mr Museveni told the parliamentary committee led by the Bugweri County MP Abdu Katuntu, investigated the wide-ranging irregularities, dubious payments in the Oil Sector, that he would have acted differently had he been advised otherwise by the Attorney General Fred Ruhindi on which procedures to follow in rewarding government officials for a job well done.

“I saw God exposing wrong elements,” Apostle Grace had earlier prophesied, according to the ministry. “They want to play with the oil but they are in trouble.”

Parliament later adopted a re­port by the Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State En­ter­prises (COSASE), recommending that the officials refund the money.

Before Kitgum district authorities warned residents against alleged recruitment of youth into rebel ranks in the neighboring South Sudan on 18th November 2017, Apostle Grace Lubega has sensed a spirit of rebellion crippling up from the north, “and I could see they were recruiting young boys into a funny thing, and that thing wants to start up war somewhere in the north,” he had foretold, according to the ministry.

Adding: “There is a  spirit in the northern Uganda that is trying to brew war and the answer is not to just stop that spirit, put pray that a certain move hits northern Uganda because if it is not fixed, that spirit will slop down,”

Prophetic fulfillment

LC5 chairman, Jackson Omona, told press in November that Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) informed them about this alleged recruitment. The resident district commissioner (RDC), William Komakech addressed media saying the unnamed South Sudan rebel groups were targeting jobless youth in Kitgum.

Bank of Uganda took over the management of Crane Bank last October on grounds that the financial institution was undercapitalised and posed a systemic risk to the banking industry. It was further reported the central bank accused Crane Bank owner, Sudhir Ruparelia of fraudulently transferring the bank’s assets into his personal ownership and lending to himself from the bank’s capital and later writing off the debts as bad loans.

Sudhir however defends self against BoU, saying the bank is blackmailing him.

Phaneroo Ministries displayed press headlines from the above saga has they unveiled Apostle Grace’s prophecy on financial issues Uganda faced starting last year,

“I saw God judge matters this year. He told me, there are certain men responsible for the state of the financial altercations we have in our nation. And God told me, those men responsible, He is going to make them fix it by force. The man who won’t fix it, something will happen. This year, I saw a man, he is very rich, but has ungodly altars; “God is going to shake the backbone of that man. When it happens, the whole nation will know.” When you hear that, it will be a sign for you to know that God is fixing things. Certain altars on our nation, must be broken,” Apostle Grace Lubega had revealed, according to the ministry.

By Staff Writer.

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