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Andrew Wommack ‏embarks on building 11 water wells in Karamoja

By Our Reporter

USA televangelist Andrew Wommack has through the Andrew Wommack Ministries of Uganda commenced preparations for drilling 11 (eleven) water wells in Karamoja where he notes hundreds suffer needlessly without access to safe water in their immediate environment.

Andrew who is the host of the Gospel Truth radio and TV program explained through his Ministry Facebook Page that the initiative is additionally dedicated to fighting poverty through invented sustainable projects in the region.

Mr Mark Rowe, the director of DEMO; Discipleship Evangelism Missional Outreach, an arm of Andrew Wommack Ministries focused on discipling people around the world had this to say:

“When I went to travel up the border and spoke to the people in the towns and villages [of Karamoja ], the obvious resource, the thing they needed most of all was water,  and so what we are doing we drilling eleven (11) wells in Karamoja which is a very remote area of Uganda.

“Out there we are giving people the word but we want to teach them to fish in the sense of being able to become self sustaining and feed themselves.

“Having drilled those wells in these remote locations, now we want to teach people how to effectively use them and use that water.”

Mr Mark Rowe said the Ministry is coming up with aquaponics systems in the drought-stricken region.

Aquaponics refers to any system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment.

In an aquaponic system, water from an aquaculture system is fed to a hydroponic system where the by-products are broken down by nitrifying bacteria initially into nitrites and subsequently into nitrates that are utilised by the plants as nutrients. The water is then recirculated back to the aquaculture system.

“We want to train people how to use modern technology like this or ideas which conserve resources and enables them to efficiently grow food. Thats what we are doing,” he said.

Andrew Wommack, who is today a popular Bible teacher whose ministry is extended through radio, television in Uganda,  will speak at the Gospel Truth Seminar in Kampala on 19-20 October at the Lugogo Hockey Grounds.

The preacher will also share the gospel at Glory of Christ Church on October 21st, before setting off to Kenya.

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