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American actor, Denzel giving up drinking to focus on the gospel

Denzel Washington. Courtesy Photo.

Oscar-nominated actor Denzel Washington, 62, has enjoyed a rock solid acting career in Hollywood for decades but every once in a while, a report about his personal struggles finds its way into the spotlight.

He was recently doing an interview about his new drama Roman J. Israel, Esq., when the conversation with a Christian Post reporter suddenly turned to his faith, and trying to reach millennials.

The New York native explained that he’s made changes in his own life, and wants to reach more young people with the Gospel.

“I speak now and I’m doing what God told me to do from the beginning. It was prophesied that I would travel the world and preach to millions of people. It was prophesied when I was 20. I thought it was through my work and it has been,” he stated

“My mother said to me when I was 59, ‘Denzel, you do a lot of good. You have to do good the right way and you know what I’m talking about,'” Washington stated. “I don’t drink anymore, I don’t do any of those things. I’m all about the message, to the degree that I know it, and I’m unashamed and unafraid to share it… in the way your millennial generation know’s how,” he stressed.

He also said that social media and technology trends have recently taken some darker, more negative directions, but it’s important to recognize their effects on us, and use them for good.

“We better understand that we are addicted to this [he said, holding up a phone] It’s not its fault, it’s a magnification and a reflection of our own free will …I pray for your generation … What an opportunity you have! Don’t be depressed by it because we have to go through this, we’re here now. You can’t put that thing back in the box,” he said.

Additional reporting by Relevant Magazine.

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