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Amama breaks long silence to draw clergy into politics

Former Prime Minister of Uganda, Amama Mbabazi at St. Francis Chapel in Makerere University on the 18th of February, 2018. Courtesy photo.

“Cast your fears aside and become radical voices in politics,” John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has told Church leaders in Uganda.

The former Prime Minister and 2016 presidential candidate who has been conspicuously away from the public domain has told clergy to actively engage in the country’s governance.

He was speaking at St. Francis Chapel in Makerere University where Anglican Archbishop, The Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali installed Rev Onesimus Asiimwe as the new Chaplain on Sunday.

“Why do all nations remember Janai Luwum? It is because he fought against evil by government. Religious leaders should not be afraid, like they preach the Word of God and guide his people through the path of truth,” Mr Amama Mbabazi  said.

“We have seen changes on South Africa, Zimbabwe, and all other places. America witnessed transition in power. Obama after serving his term handed over to someone else, Mr Trump. Such transition is not bad for all countries – and we need it,” he continued. “If Janai Luwum did it, Archbishop Stanley Natagali, you can do it.”

Speaking along the same lines, Archbishop Stanley Natagali castigated politicians for betraying their electorate.

“People in leadership are not mindful of the people, especially those who put them in parliament. They are not representing the poor people and taking care of them,” he said.

Stanley Ntagali additionally discouraged the youth against going abroad in search of jobs.

“There is a lot of truth it that our young people are being trafficked. There are companies here that feel uncomfortable when I talk about it but when we hear testimonies of our young people who come back, you feel the pain in the marrow.”

“We need to be concerned as parents, as leaders, but we do not want to bury our heads in the sand like the ostrich when it sees danger coming, it things by burring her/ his head in the sand it is safe. We are not safe, our youth are not employed and i wonder what parliament is thinking to create jobs  for our young people who are so many.”

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