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Aggressive growth on uterus disappears without a trace

Mrs Masayuni Kran testified at Amazing Grace Faith Church, Kampala on Sunday

She knew the pain in her lower abdomen meant something was wrong. When she visited the hospital, she learned that she would need immediate surgery to remove what her doctor described as a growth on her uterus.

Mrs Masayuni Kran and her husband had two options: They could deal with the growth through surgery, but that meant ending her pregnancy. Or they could keep the baby, however Mrs Masayuni would have to deal with the pain.

Mrs Masayuni Kran testified at Amazing Grace Faith Church, Kampala on Sunday saying last year around April she went for a medical check up during her 8th week of pregnant.

“I had received reports that I was not supposed to give birth. I would miscarriage three times, then give birth after. This time around when I got pregnant, I thought to my self; will it work out?”

The condition challenged the couple as doctors didn’t expect her to survive.

“So after three months I went to hospital, the doctor just looked at me, and told me; you are not going to have this baby.”

“I asked; why?” “It is not going to happen,” the Doctor said. “Your womb is not strong enough to hold your child.”

Despite what the doctor said, Mrs Masayuni wasn’t about to give up.

“I din’t say anything, I just cried. My husband was there. I carried the baby till four months. I had a lot of pain in my womb. I was not fine. The only way I could move out of bed was  by crawling or limping on the walls. Instead of feeling the baby, I would feel the growth in me,” she said.

Through this pain, Mrs Masayuni remembered what her Pastor (Apostle Grace Muhumuza) has shared with her regarding the miscarriages she was experiencing. “He told me that is not your portion.”

“I asked the doctor to give me a week to think about it,” she said.

Mrs Masayuni’s husband had to put his work aside to take care of his wife. For a full month, she could not gather with fellow believers because of the difficulty she had in walking.

As she contemplated having the operation, Mrs Masayuni remembered that she had been baptized in the holy spirit a month ago.

“I said to my self, this is not going to happen to me, I went into my room, knelt down – I don’t remember the words I said, but I told God each and every thing that was within me. I spoke in tongues I have never spoken – I just told God this is your child. It is going to happen and I am going to carry this baby no matter what happens,” she said.

The following day, she woke up in faith and told her husband, “it is done, you are going to work. Do you seeing me limp, I am walking,’

“I tell you the truth, that day is when I got my healing,” she said. “I was totally healed. God did a beautiful thing.”

Mrs Masayuni was able to safely deliver a healthy bouncing baby boy, and named him Israel.

All this happened, despite what doctors had reported regarding her condition.

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