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About last year: These memories will forever remain in my heart

Let me begin on a good note, he officially said “I DO”. Newlyweds; Cooply Bly and Anne Marie Redan were happily joined in Holy Matrimony, last year ending at Watoto Church. I love this couple for a number of reasons. First, their love story. The two met coincidentally during volunteer-assignments with different organisations at Jinja, Wairaka community. There, they became friends. They are in love, and never afraid to show it! There love is really contagious! 


Musically speaking! The International acts that crowned off one of Uganda’s biggest Christian festival, Phat-Fest will forever be the talk of town. L-R: Tio Nason (Zambia), Majic Mike and Kris Erroh (Kenya), Sobre (Zambia) brought out the fervency in me. This was unlike anything I have seen before in Uganda. My prayer is that they return again (not so much to ask) and we continue from where they left me – utter realms of glory.


If you know gospel singer Julie Deborah, you will agree with me that she is a force to reckon with. This lady was involved in a fatal accident while at the peak of her music career. She was announced dead during the series of events that followed this accident. But God did a miracle. He healed her and is still doing so. Last year, she officially launched a church were she is lead pastor. God did not put a full stop to her legacy…she is still around to proclaim the Gospel. This is a testimony worth remembering about 2016.


Born Free Concert: For the first time ever – the whole of Zambia’s LotaHouse was on stage here in Uganda. Pompi, Abel Chungu, Mag44, Flow1ne and Crazy FisH have since that day topped my music play list.  Honestly, for those documenting this history, this day should be put in bold letters and in the upper case. The president of Uganda showed up, lol. Then followed a photo with his family that set social media crazy.


The people’s people! This sensational couple turned Kampala upside down; Mawa and Hawa. When a Pastor and gospel music singer choose to start a new life together – That is no ordinary couple. Bishop Mawa took his engagement proposal to the traffic lights at Wandegeya junction. The latter success just couldn’t stay our of media. They are now married.


The Canaan Gents. This group knows how to challenge the audience’s expectations, from smartness to creativity to unbeatable vocal output. They were unveiled last year during a concert labelled, “Power FM Presents.” Every member has the ability to maintain his ground. You made my 2016 Gents.


I was one of the first people to have attended the Kampala City Festival. However, stepping foot on the Christian stage took me about 2 hours – that is how busy the city was. I believe that this is one of those events that bring the best of Uganda’s Pastors, Christian Music singers, dancers and special ministry performers to one platform. Praying for the KCCA Director Jennifer Musisi signifies so much to me. Industry key players lift up amazing stalls at the Sheraton gardens. I love the experience.


All Saints’ Cathedral Rev. J honored at the 2015 HIT Awards grand ceremony. We have so many awards, But the HIT awards are slowly but carefully establishing their mark. The honorary recipients to the Awards are always my favorite. You should have heard Mrs Miria Matembe’s testimony as she was handed the Charismatic Leader of the year accolade – It is things like this that makes these awards so relevant.


MP Judith Babirye! We did not see this coming, but when it did, many – especially from the main stream – found it so hard to digest. I cannot say much here, rather than to let you know when Christians take up places of leadership, it is an answered prayer for me. I will forever remember the 2016 elections of Uganda.

The Beat Connect: This event was quite exceptional, bringing together MCs, DJs, Musicians and fans of Christian music. King Wesley(L), the event host took it to Centenary Park, unveiling Dafari, one of Kenya’s finest exports as far as gospel ragga and reggae music is concerned . All my expectations were hinged on the fact that it is intended to lift our spirits, and entertained us at the same time.


On this website, this was one of the most read articles, Sinach (M) coming to Uganda for the unforgettable experience with a long list of evangelist and singers from Christ Embassy. It was free! I learnt a lot watching so many artists from Nigeria. I honestly never heard enough of it, much as it went trans-night. Gospel Rock Singer Ada (R) didn’t make it, but Joe Praize (L) and the rest of the team made that day.


Does any one recall “Time Out”? Well I do. This Power FM youth event was massive. It was staged at Watoto Church’s packing area, then moved to the Church when the music segment kicked off. With ‘accident jeans’ as the dress code, I loved the whole set up. The racing cars were phenomenal. It required skill and talent for one to pull of those amazing bends racers took during the event.


Worship Harvest broke a record during its 10 Years -10 Artistes Concert. It sold Out! How often do you hear church-lead concerts selling out? I loved the hospitality. The atmosphere was so welcoming. Every bit of Praise and worship we had still resounds loud in my ears. Unforgettable!

By Wasswa Dennis.

Dennis is an entertainment section contributing writer with UG Christian News.

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