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A gift without character is destructive, says Brian Lubega

Singer and Pastor Brian Lubega. Courtesy photo.

Can God overlook sin because one is so gifted? Worship leader and Pastor Brian Lubega has said Ministry leaders cannot lead effectively without authentic and godly character.

The gospel recording artist, song writer and music director revealed during an interview on LightHouse Television on Monday that the church is crying out these days for men and women who understand and practice biblical principles of effective leadership, and emphasised that living right for God really matter in all aspects.

Pastor Brian Lubega explained that one of the essential duties of a Christian is to learn how to become responsible stewards of God’s resources entrusted into our care.

“I believe that as a minister I have been called by God – He is Holy. Holiness means being different. When God calls me, I am a steward of what He has given me, and I cannot just live recklessly thinking this is my thing. This is a Holy calling, and I need to be in a position of walking in a right relationship with God. I believe God is more interested in me, than what I do for Him,” Mr Lubega said.

Adding, “As a worshipper, song writer, I believe God calls me to Holiness before I do anything. I also believe that a gift can make room for me, but it is purpose that reveals the glory. Purpose cannot be revealed unless you have a relationship with God. Most people get to be caught up in a position of thinking that what determines our ministry is the gift. But, what determines our ministry is God.”

The ‘Nungamya’ hit singer said only God is capable of making a Christian “an able ministers of the new covenant.”

“We cannot make our selves able ministers, He does. God is our first audience and he seeks a relationship with us more than we can do for Him,” he said.

The talk show was graced byPastor Andrew Jombwe, and Christ’s Heart Ministry International founder Bishop Isaiah Mbuga who asked the musician if there is a place where a man can be a habitual sinner and yet a willing servant of God.

“A gift without character is dangerous. God is more interested in us than what we do for Him. And, whatever miracle happens, it is Him doing the work. We need to always remember that the bible calls us to transformation. We need to remain a living sacrifice at the altar of God,” Brian Lubega answered.

“Sometime one can be in a realm and we think because they are operating in the gift, they are serving God. We see Moses and the Egyptian sorcerers doing the same thing – performing miracles. I believe that sometimes it is just a position in a realm, but they are not really serving God. I believe God wants to use someone for his glory, not their own,” he added.

On his part, Pastor Andrew Jombwe said the heart of service is really important.

“The heart portrays the will behind a man. Look at the situation with Moses, we see that as much as he served in the gifting that he had,  he did not make it to the promised land. The manifestation of the things we do hardly guarantees us a place in the kingdom of God – God is more interested in our souls – making it to the promised land than anything we will ever do for Him,”Jombwe said.

You are more important than your gift, let us work on our relationship with God, Bishop Isaiah Mbuga concluded.

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