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8-year fibroid healed in a moment at gospel crusade

South Sudanese national testifies to being healed instantly during the ‘Festival Miracles’ crusade presided over by Pr Denis Amojong and USA prophet, Dr Charles Ndifon. This was 4th April at Embassy of God Ministries, Miracle Valley Kireka – Namugongo. Courtecy photo.

Medical practitioners in South Sudan failed to handle the complexity of the fibroid she was diagnosed with 8 years ago, and thus recommended her to surgeons in Uganda just recently.

Upon arrival in Uganda, her hope was nearly washed down the drain when they [surgeons in the country] told her the severe bleeding she was experiencing couldn’t enable them do much immediately.

Nevertheless, she was rescheduled for surgery on 6th April 2018.

“I work for United Nations, Sudan and have had this sickness for 8 years. But I believed that one day, my God, Jesus of Nazareth will heal me. My bosses told me I must go and get an everlasting solution for this sickness because they were tired of me. Every month I had to take three (3) days off because of over bleeding,” she said

Hellen – as identified by Pastor of Embassy of God Ministries, Pr Dennis Emojong – was left in shock on Wednesday (April 4) when she realized the “difficult to manage” fibroid miraculously dissolved by merely attending the ongoing gospel crusade at the Church days to her hospital appointment.

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“We have our clinics [in South Sundan], I went to our level two clinics, they said they cannot manage my situation. they recommended me to level 3 clinics – either to Uganda, Kenya or elsewhere I wanted to go. I chose to come to Uganda,” she said.

Hellen could not withdraw her tears of joy as she shared with the congregation how the pain and bleeding ceased.

Pr Emojong wrote, “She received instant healing when the Man of God [Dr Charles Ndifon]  gave a word of knowledge. To the glory of God, the fibroid disappeared and over bleeding stopped. She is overjoyed by how fast the Lord Jesus settled her case.”

“She was in sock as what brought her to Uganda was no more,” he added.

By Staff Writer.

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