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77 Days of Glory will never stop – Pr Kayanja

Pastor Robert Kayanja. Courtesy photo.

Miracle Centre Cathedral – Rubaga senior Pastor, Robert Kayanja has said the popular revival meeting ’77 Days of Glory’ which commenced September 2016 “will never stop.”

“We would be completely disobedient to God if we stopped 77 Days of Glory of Glory today,” Pr Kayanja who doubles as CEO of Channel 44 TV said in a live video shared Thursday on his Ministry page.

To add to this, he explained that the Ministry is now mobilizing and registering “one million soldiers for the Lord.”

“These are intercessors for the Lord. Men and women who are sold out to God,” he emphasized.

Starting the revival meeting in 2016, Pr Kayanja said ’77 Days Of Glory’ was a direct instruction from God after traversing over 80 nations including Uganda where he was instructed to stage 50 Miracle crusades.

During the 49th Mega Miracle Crusade in Kyankwanzi district, Pr Kayanja narrated how God instructed him to have ’77 Days of Glory’, praise and worship at Miracle Centre Cathedral awaiting the 50th Miracle Crusade.

It is in these that the revival meeting was birthed with multitudes witnessing miracles and many more giving their lives to Jesus. Walkers, craches, Moslem caps and all that doctors give to patients in order to help them walk, sit, hold their broken backs and necks are on display at the Miracle Center Cathedral Pulpit as a testimony of the remarkable meeting.

While speaking at a unified gathering of over 70 churches in West Australian last year, Kayanja said 126,000 people gave their lives to Jesus, 62,000 were baptized and over 200,000 renewed their faith in the first year of the revival meeting.

The event has been graced by various public figures over time, both local and international including the President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV and the Queen Mother, Best Kemigisa, Archbishop of York – John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu, Australian Preacher, Ps Vera Lim, Jose Chameleone, KCCA executive director, Jennifer Musisi and Minister Beti Kamya, American gospel star Todd Dulaney among others.

The meeting has also seen main stream singers and comedians Dr Propa, Qute Kaye, Papa Cidy, Captain Dollar, Lady Titie, Shanita Namuyimbwa, Kapere, Eddie Kigere among others confess Salvation.

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