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7 million copies of the ‘Holy Spirit Book’ circulated – Pr Kayanja

Robert Kayanja. Courtesy photo.

Miracle Centre Cathedral lead Pastor, Robert Kayanja has said seven (7) million copies of his published books on the Holy Spirit have so far been circulated across the globe. The Channel 44 TV CEO started writing and handing out series of this book, which highlights various issues regarding the Christian faith, soon after the end of the first phase of the 77 Days of Glory.

He also said 1.3 million Christians registered in the first two weeks when the Ministry called for ‘one million voices in prayer,’ with an aim of mobilizing, equipping and activating intercessors for unprecedented revival.

Pastor Kayanja expressed desire in seeing more renown personalities in the country turn to Christ.

“I am praying for Mama Fina to get saved,” he said.

Kayanja made these remarks during the official opening of House Of Rest Church (Former Fido Dido, along Kampala Road). The new prayer venue by Kansanga Miracle Centre triggered excitement among Born-again Christians especially those who work within the Capital.

“By the time we started preaching the gospel in 1993, we never thought the church of Christ would come this far,” Pastor Kayanja said in his opening remarks, adding that one of the signs of revival is the ability of the church to spread out and gain influence in the city areas.

Pr Kayanja thanked God for Uganda’s government urging that while neighboring countries have imposed laws aimed at shutting down Churches, those in Uganda are flourishing.

“We should thank God for the government,” he said. “People have a mentality that when he spend nights in prayer, we do not work. Achievements such as these are indicators that those who pray a lot, also work a great deal.”

Hinting on tithe, Pr Kayanja said there are principles of the word of God that believers should never abuse, “those principles have made ordinary people extra-ordinary,” he said.

He said he hopes to release nine (9) books in total of the Holy Spirit,”for there are nine (9) fruits of the Holy Spirit,” he explained.

Pr Kayanja cautioned Ministries against ignoring “fundamentals” saying this has left many struggling.

“You ask your self why some ministries are struggling and others are excelling. There are fundamentals. If you want to go higher, never compromise the foundation. There are four corners on which every building stands. Scientifically the globe is round, but it stands on four corners . You cannot violet them. For us Prayer is a corner .Obedience is a corner. Faith is a corner. Giving is a corner. You deal with those four, the sky is the limit,” Pr Kayanja said.

“Truth of the matter is that we often put our eyes on the promise and never on the God who promised, so we are threatened by the environment. We are threatened by what has not happened since we believed. But He who called you and promised you, is faithful to prove it. As we have invited God in our country, watch, we are going to become the touch bearers of revival in the land,” he added

Kansanga Miracle Centre founding Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi present, the grand opening was attended by among others Bishop Patrick Makumbi of International Gospel Healing Centre in Lweza and Pastor Steven Mutesasira.

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