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420 souls give their lives to Christ in Mubende

Wade Aaron ministers in Mubende district.

Mubende, a district in the central region of Uganda, has recorded a whopping 420 salvation decision during a 4-day gospel crusade organised by Streams Of Life Church.

The life-changing experience started 21 June and ended 24th June at Kasambya Das Stadium with the organizers walking through various parts of the district to invite people for the crusade.

Streams Of Life Church lead Pastor, Pastor Gerald, his missions team, ministered alongside USA evangelists; Peter Louis of BraveHeart Ministries, Aaron Perry (The Radiance Ministries) and Wade Aaron who works with Time to Revive, a nonprofit organization in Richardson, Texas.

“All glory, praise and thanksgiving to God for the just concluded Mubende Mission. We had Four hundred twenty (420) souls give their lives to Christ. The move of God was so powerful. With the demonstration of power and anointing with many miracles happening,” Streams Of Life Church said in a statement on Monday.

“People were healed. Aches of all sorts were healed. Blind begun to see.People were delivered and set free. Pr. Gerald ministered in so much power and anointing. With so much Grace, laying hands on hundreds of people at the crusade,” they added.


Through door to door evangelism, Pastor Aaron Perry (Former Crusade Director at Christ for all Nations USA) says 52 people came to receive Christ.

In his remarks, Pastor Wade Aaron testified that three (3) blind eyes and a deaf ear opened in the final nights service.

Pastor Wade said there was a gentleman who walked for two full days to come to the Crusade.

“His feet swelled from walking for 2 days. I preached the Gospel and he heard the Gospel. He decided to give his life to Jesus and be born again,”

“We prayed for every Uganda person in the service. We prayed for the fire of God, impartation of gifts, and in the process we saw many get delivered of demons. There were at least a dozen of people that were delivered. Demons can not stand the presence of Jesus,” Pastor Wade said.

Through door to door evangelism, Pastor Aaron Perry said 52 people came to salvation.

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