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18 years of Sseku Martin’s music uncovered


Born on 22nd November 1980, Sseku Martin still stands as one of Uganda’s most incredible dance-hall, R&B and Ragga gospel musicians of all time.

He has since captured the attention of a diverse audiences due to his energetic performances, music that is so engaging, relevant and rich with scripture at the same time.

In 2004 he released Kona an album which was a huge hint in Christian communities. Sseku Martin currently doubles as a music producer and founder of a charity project, Seku Martin Music Foundation that caters for abandoned kids.

After a significant number of years in ministry, we are humbled to confirm that on 3rd September 2016, the 36-year-old will hold a concert dubbed “Now or Never.”

He will be accompanied by Coopy Bly, Levixone, G-way, Zabuli, Vision with Hope dancers, Preacher Man, Paddy Man, Emma and Reborn Status.

Event’s official sponsor JC Label Ug confirm that “the funds accrued from the event will be channeled to a charity foundation, Seku Martin Music foundation aimed at taking care of abandoned children.”

On 5th September, 2015 he held a concert, ‘Best of Sseku Martin Live concert” where he cleared up all murmur as to why he had been silent and had taken a while to release new music.

Martin said that he was within and abroad, getting acquainted with the ongoing developments in the music industry.

“ I have been within the country and abroad for a while learning what will inspire, and is pleasurable to the audience. This is evident from the special tunes in my new album not to forget the lyrical flow of words. I have two recorded albums; ‘Dancing Dancing Album’ which has 19 trucks and the ‘Victory album’ has 15 trucks, at the moment, am concentrated at making videos for the songs.” he told UG Christian News.

Martin said that as a minister and performer, you are able to tell whether people are drawn to God and are having the benefit of your ministry right on stage. God lifts people depending on the knowledge that they have of him.

The upcoming live concert is scheduled for Garden city rooftop. The entrance fee will be 15000ugx for an ordinary ticket, 50000ugx for the VIP tickets and a table will go for 200000ugx.

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