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18 years married: Nakibuuka says God is a rock-solid foundation

John Senyonjo, 46, and wife Betty Nakibuuka, 43, a celebrated gospel musician, are this week celebrating their 18th marriage anniversary.

By Aaron Sseruyigo

Legendary gospel musician, Betty Nakibuuka Ssenyonjo this week, 18 years ago, said “I do” to her husband John Senyonjo. They solemnised their marriage on November 13 1999 at Full Gospel Church, Makerere in Kampala.

John Senyonjo took to social media on Friday to announce their anniversary, sending a love note to Betty, who she told “you have really stood with us and have continued to sacrificially contribute a lot to the well being our lives.”

“Betty, you are typical virtuous and indeed a good thing I beheld. We have obtained favor of the Lord in the midst of some personal imperfections and challenges of life . We testify of the goodness of the Lord for His sustainability, growth and the increase to our estate,” John remarked.

For over 23 years Nakibuuka has used several channels including music help marriages reveal and reflect the heart of Christ. She has often cited her desire to see couples come to understand the importance of shifting their focus on Jesus Christ to build their marriages.

In an interview with one Newspaper, Nakibuuka said her many years of marriage have taught her that for any couple, “making and breaking their love is in their hands, not anyone else.” 

“Since no one was there at the start of our love, it is only God who can solve our challenges in marriage. In the beginning of our marriage, whenever something irritated me, I would keep silent for long. But for the sake of harmony in our marriage, John would apologise, despite the fact that he had not done anything wrong.” she said.

She explained that being a musical star does not stop her from being submissive.

“I have learnt that my success in music is derived from the level of submission to my husband. In the same way, as parents, we have tried to talk to our daughter from being carried away by her fame,” she said.

John Senyonjo believes disagreements are inevitable when people from different backgrounds come together. However, what is important is how the challenges are sorted out.

“Betty and I always try to sort out our problems before they get out of hand,” he said during the interview.

“We have learnt the power of saying sorry and of forgiveness. In the same breath, every relationship has something unique that breaks it or  makes it thrive. Ours thrives on the fact that we work together as a family. Although I am not gifted in singing, I have a gift in managing the talents of my wife and our daughter,” he added

Betty and John Senyonjo are parents to three (3) children including well known musician Gloria Mulungi, better known as Baby Gloria.

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