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13 students at Kibuli Muslim School now born-again


A youth-led evangelical organisation at the fore front of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in several schools and universities around Uganda, has reported 13 salvation discussions at Kibuli Secondary School, a prominent institution affiliated with the Muslim faith.

The group, whose identity this website will conceal for security reasons, reported on Sunday that they they were overwhelmed by the great turn up of students when an altar call was made.

“Thirteen (13) students gladly run to the pulpit to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior,” the organisation said.

In its circular for parents, the institution established 1959, says admission is based on academic performance and is open to any interested student, regardless of religious beliefs.

Islamic studies are however mandatory for all newly admitted senior one students.

It is against the school rules for a Muslim student to convert to Christianity, however a Christian is at liberty to convert to Islam.

Non Muslim students, less than 20% of the school population, are organised under the Kibuli Christian students association, KCSA.

They hold fellowships during Sunday mornings, led by appointed leaders; Bishop, Pope – and over seen by Christian patrons.

Students who go against this school rule to convert to Christianity often appear before the Kibuli Muslim Students Association (KMSA) – if matters worsen to the school administration – where they face penalties like expulsion if they do not reconsider their confession.

Notably, multiple reports of salvation and revival within this Muslim community keep a low profile to safe guard the converted students from facing such penalties.

By Staff Writer.

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