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126,000 people saved in just a year – Pr Kayanja

Mega Church Pastor, Robert Kayanja speaks to an audience in Australia on 19th November. Courtesy Photo.

While speaking at a unified gathering of over 70 churches in West Australian, Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral’s founding pastor, Robert Kayanja said on Sunday that 126,000 people have given their lives to Jesus in just a year during the revival meeting, 77 Days of Glory.

Labelled ‘Perth For Jesus’, this gathering of thousands hosted by Ps Vera Lim started 17 November at HBF Stadium in Mount Claremont, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

Pr Kayanja used his sermon to narrate to listeners what he has witnessed during the 77 Days of Glory. He attributed this revival partly to what his ministry has sowed into ‘Perth For Jesus.’

“I believe what is happening in Uganda – the 77 Days of Glory – it is over a year now and some months, is because we partly participated in ‘Perth For Jesus,’” Pr Kayanja said.

“We have seen by September this year, 62,000 people baptized in water during the revival meeting.  126,000 people have given their lives to Jesus in just a year. And over 200,000 renewed their faith in Christ Jesus,” he stated.

“Only God can do this. 125 nations have come. You can see – this is God. But it was seven (7) years of faithfulness, of coming for ‘Perth for Jesus,'” he added.

Since its inauguration in 2010, ‘Perth For Jesus’ has, according to the organizers, been commended by several renowned preachers including Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Pastor Margaret Court, David Storer, Steve Davies, John McElroy, Benny Ho and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda among others.

Ps Vera Lim, the event vision bearer, frequently attendants the 77 Days of Glory. In one of her testimonies, she said she was initially a Buddhist but now saved by grace, adding that “at every previous Perth For Jesus rally people experienced supernatural healings and miracles.”

Pr Kayanja in his sermon further told, in particular, Pastors and ministers who want revival in their churches to associate and get involved in activities of churches with ongoing revival meetings.

“If you want a move of God in your life, then you have to come to a place of involving your self in something probably distant from where you are – something that is greater than you are. Revival will come to your home as well. Your involvement is about to bring a greater blessing in your life. Revival preserves you,” he said.

By Staff Writter.

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