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10,764 receive Christ through Watoto Church – 187 more cell groups started

Watoto Church founders, Gary and Marilyn Skinner. COURTECY PHOTO.

‘Vision Weekend’. Watoto Church has through its latest annual Ministry report revealed that a whopping 10,764 people receive Christ Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior over the past year. The Church further used the report to narrate that in 2017, it witnessed the highest attendance of over 32,000 people celebrating Christ at all its locations.

One of the Church Pastors, Mr Edward Mwesigye explained as he presented the report this month that there is only one institution that God has entrusted with the responsibility of changing people’s lives , and it is the Church.

“We have the most powerful message. The gospel changes the hearts of people and this message has been entrusted to us,” he said.

Watoto Church in 2017 grew by 8 percent while their total giving grew by 11 percent.

In March 2017, the Ministry vision bearer, Gary Skinner revealed that as Watoto Church, their dream is to have over 36 celebration points.

Further unveiling the report findings, Pr Mwesigye said unlike any other year, Watoto Church in 2017 witnessed its biggest ‘Miracle Offering.’

“Our goal was to raise one million USA dollars, but we raised nine hundred thirty thousand (930,000) USA dollars – we almost hit the target,” Pastor Edward Mwesigye said.

“We have used the money for what we said was going to be done. We have blessed a neighbourhood project in Juba, we gave a financial contribution to Israel. We donated to Power 104.1 FM which reaches over 250,000 people who do not come to church.  We gave to the mission of “Shift” where we take this program to schools and reach out to teenagers using relevant messages. We saw 4,202 students receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour,” he said.

“We have blessed other ministries. In Koboko, we blessed St Paul’s Church of Uganda. We donated some money to family life Ministries and to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) because they have a plan to refurbish schools in Kampala so that quality education can be accessible,” he added.

Pastor Edward said that Uganda needs transformational leaders, adding that he believes the institution that can best do that is none other than the church of Lord Jesus Christ.

“We have such a grand mission of discipleship. In Mathew 28:18, Jesus said therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you. This is the mission we are engaged with as Watoto church, it is a mission of transformation, raising transformational leaders so that they can re-build Uganda,”

Pastor Edward said plans are under way to designate a new location as Watoto’s 14th celebration point. He said ‘War Room Actor’ Priscilla Shirer raised over 450,000 US dollars towards Watoto’s ‘Keep a girl in School’ project in Northern Uganda.

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