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100-year-old leaves Islam, declares Jesus is her redeemer

Mrs. Eseza Meeme denounces Islam at 100 years of age. Images: @NamirembeDiocese

She is an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary story.

At 100 years of age, Mrs. Eseza Meeme who spent most of her life practicing Islamic, has embraced the gospel and accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and savior.

Multitudes witnessed Eseza’s conversion and declaration of faith at St. Stephen’s Church of Uganda Kawempe West on 7th April 2018.

It was revealed during the colorful church service that Mrs. Eseza was once a Muslim and famously known as Hajati Halima.


Bishop Luwalira confirms Mrs. Eseza at St. Stephen’s Church of Uganda Kawempe West on 7th April 2018. Images: @NamirembeDiocese

She’s now a committed Christian who loves God with all her heart, her family revealed.

The public affirmation of faith was confirmed through prayer and the laying on of hands by Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira.

Eseza’s life and testimony, the Church said, is an interesting and inspiring story for all of us to learn from.

Muslims turning to Christ – a global phenomenon:Report

An unprecedented number of Muslims are becoming Christians, according to a recently published report by David Garrison whose survey was conducted  “in every corner of the Muslim world” in almost 3 years.

David, according to Premier Christianity – UK, traveled more than a quarter-million miles, from West Africa to the Indonesian islands. In the process,  he visited 44 movements, each with more than 1,000 Muslim-background believers in Jesus Christ who had been baptized as a defiant act of their new-found faith.

The core question, from among a list of things David asked them, was, ‘What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ?

“I listened in disbelief as they told me of their discovery that Isa al-Masih (Jesus Christ) was God among us; the only way of salvation. ‘C’mon,’ I said incredulously, ‘how many of you have been baptised?’ I knew that this act of commitment separated casual fans of Jesus from actual followers. To my amazement, 19 of the 20 leaders raised their hands. One of them laughed and pointed to the lone unraised hand: ‘He will be baptised next week,’” David Garrison said, according to Premier Christianity, during his visit to the Horn of Africa.

Persecution not a limitation

UG Christian News has covered several stories of Christian conversions in Uganda, however, many of the new converts have claimed being persecuted by their Muslim families, if not communities.

Gobera Bashir, 27, from Kakoli village, Naboa Sub-County in Budaka District, was left in pain with burns on 40 percent of his body after the Muslim relatives attacked him the night of March 10. Bashir, had received Christ as Lord and Savior the previous Sunday (March 4) when he accompanied a friend to a church in his District.

Magale Hamidu, 20, of Nanoko village in eastern Uganda, had become a Christian seven months before his Muslim father learnt about his regular visits to a Christian pastor.  Hamidu was gravely assaulted September 20th by his family and rushed to a community clinic in Tirinyi Sub-County, Kibuku District, where he was treated for injuries to his head and right hand .

After being discharged from the hospital, Hamidu was taken to Pastor Joseph Kisense of New Valley Baptist Church in Kiryolo. Pastor Kisense said he reported the alleged assault to the chairman of the Tirinyi Local Council, who in turn notified Tirinyi police.

That aside, former Islamic Sheikh turned Christian, Mulangira Ibrahim, 27, told Police, journalists that unknown people beaten him unconscious when he declined their request of recanting Christianity to return to Islam.

This happened 16 November last year on Lake Victoria’s Jaguzi Island, Mayuge District, Eastern Uganda where he received a telephone call from the anonymous saying that a pastor he knew wanted to see him back at the church compound.

Despite such attacks, a growing number of Muslims continue to received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior.

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